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Amazon S3 support in Déjà Dup

You cannot find S3 storage option in Déjà Dup? That's because it is hidden as I found this bug report while searching for a solution.

Follow directions here to re-enable:

The reasons are understandable and default options are geared for casual users.

In my optinion placing advanced option under "Advanced Setting" could be sufficient.

XServe Bug CPU bug!

A bug discovered in the Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server update is causing the hardware monitoring daemon, hwmond, to consume up to 95 percent of CPU power on a variety of Xserves, according to an Apple forum thread. Member Arminhempel reports a CPU load up to 70 percent after every reboot on several Xserves he manages; Jean-Serge Remy has an Xserve Xeon showing an 84 percent hit, while InfraredAD is experiencing a 95 percent load on a 2008 quad-core Xserve, essentially wiping out an entire core. Both the combo and delta versions of the update have generated errors and, so far...

"Device Not Managed" after upgrade

Oddly, the upgrade broke Wireless Networking. Had to fix the old fashion way... managed=false needed to be true.



After a reboot, works again!


Installed Ubuntu 11.04 today

Some new things are introduced, here is an overview. I do not like Unity so far, takes some getting used to not having the top panel and the menu not work the same as it used to. The Ubuntu menu now pulls up an app search instead of software categories. There os no more panel on the bottom, instead its on the left and has active apps as weel as bookmarked ones. I was hoping this upgrade would not break my php5.2 install from karmic repos and it did not. yeey!